Advanced Training in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: "What Happens When..."

What Happens When… is an Advanced Training course and certification in the specialized treatment of eating disorders. Unlike any other training of its kind,What Happens When… dives deeply into the intricate, challenging, detailed questions that arise day-to-day when treating patients suffering with eating disorders.

What Happens When… co-developed by Christel Parker Chase, LMFT, and Judith Brisman, PhD, introduces Dr. Brisman's therapeutic program at EDRC in which behavioral intervention is integrated with Interpersonal psychodynamic thinking. Through the use of clinical presentations, readings and discussion, we will question how to effectively integrate psychodynamic thinking with the direct behavioral intervention needed when working with eating disordered patients. What works—and why? Trainees will be encouraged to actively participate in the classes by writing in questions and comments that will be addressed live as the program is aired. Prominent professionals in the field will guest lecture throughout the course.

For more information and to register for the course please visit: http://edrcnyc.com/whathappenswhen