Delusions in OCD, ED and psychosis - Dissociable cognitive underpinnings of false beliefs in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


Primary Investigator, S. Evelyn Stewart, BC Children's Hospital
The aim of the proposed research is to examine BADE task performance in early-onset psychosis, childhood-onset OCD, ED, and age- and gender-matched healthy controls. Specifically, we will examine between-group differences and within-group correlations with symptom severity. Our goal is to determine whether the BADE bias is present to a certain degree in all psychosis patients compared with healthy individuals, or is increased only in patients with severe delusions. In addition, the proposed research aims to examine whether the BADE is specific to delusion symptoms in psychosis (as opposed to hallucinations, negative or cognitive symptoms), to obsessions in OCD (as opposed to ritual or avoidance symptoms), and to distorted weight and shape-related beliefs in ED (as opposed to food restriction, binge eating and compensatory behaviours such as vomiting or excessive exercise).

More information here:  https://studycatalogue.bcchr.ca/mica/individual-study/H13-00343#/