Development of a model for obesity and disordered eating risk factors


Project title: Development of a model for obesity and disordered eating risk factors

Principal investigators in Canada: Annie Aimé, Christophe Maïano, Jacinthe Dion, Catherine Bégin, Marie-Ève Blackburn, Howard Steiger, Adele Lafrance, and Niva Piran

What is the project about?

The purpose of this project is to test a comprehensive model for obesity and disordered eating risk factors. The project aims to establish evidence for the most significant risk factors that are common to both obesity and eating disorders. To conduct this study successfully we need a wide range of participants with and without weight or eating problems to complete an online questionnaire.

Are there any risks associated with participating in this project?

The material covered in the questionnaire has been designed to be non-invasive. 

What will I be asked to do?

If you agree to participate, you will be involved in the testing of the model through an online questionnaire. The online questionnaire will ask you about your eating behaviours and your experiences of your body and weight. The questionnaire will also ask you to respond to basic questions regarding your demographics (e.g., family background, occupation, and family income), as well as other measures looking at a range of psychological, sociocultural, behavioural and biological factors that may impact your eating behaviours and experiences of your body and weight. You will also be invited to complete the questionnaire approximately 12months after first completing it, as a way of exploring whether there are any changes in your experiences over time.

How much time will the project take?

The online questionnaire will take approximately 60-90minutes to complete.  The questionnaire will be available for completion between March and the end of April 2018. Participants will be able to complete the online questionnaire at a date and time suitable to them. For those interested participants, the follow-up of the questionnaire will be available for completion between March and April 2019. These participants will be invited by email to complete the second online questionnaire at a date and time suitable to them, at approximately 12months after they completed the first online questionnaire.

What are the benefits of the research project?

This study will help gather important information on whether there are common factors in different contries that contribute to the development of disordered eating and obesity. This study will help inform research and clinical practice regarding the identification of those individuals who may be more vulnerable to developing an eating disorder or obesity. Every participant who will complete the online questionnaire will be eligible for the draw of one 100$ gift certificate in a store of his/her choice.

Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. You are not under any obligation to participate. If you agree to participate, you can withdraw from the study at any time without adverse consequences. To indicate your consent for participating in this research, you can simply click on the “I accept” option and the end of this page. Should you choose to withdraw from this study at any stage during participation, your non-completion of the questionnaire will be presumed to indicate a withdrawal of consent. If you decide to withdraw from the study, any data that has been collected from you will not be included in the study and will be destroyed. Should you complete the whole questionnaire you will need to contact the research team to have your data removed.

Will anyone else know the results of the project?

Data gathered in this study may be published in academic journals and confidentiality of participants will be maintained in any publications. Data published will be aggregated data with individual participants data not reported. Data gathered as part of this project will be confidentially stored by the main investigator (Annie Aimé) at the Université du Québec en Outaouais for five years post-publication. For control and verification purposes, data could be consulted by the authorized staff of UQO.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the project?

Any questions about the project should be directed to Annie Aimé at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (tel.: 1-800-567-1283, extension 2362; email: annie.aime@uqo.ca).

What if I have a complaint or any concerns?

The study has been reviewed and approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (review number 2821). If you have any complaints or concerns about the conduct of the project, you may communicate with the president of the Ethics Committee at the UQO, André Durivage (1-800-567-1283, extension 1781). Any complaint or concern will be treated in confidence and fully investigated. You will be informed of the outcome.

I want to participate! How do I sign up?

To participate in this study, please tick the box “I accept” below to indicate you have read and understood the information provided in this information and consent form to Participants and that you agree to participate in this online study. Once you have indicated your consent for participating, you will be redirected to the online questionnaire.