Dr. Elliot Goldner - (1953-2016)


Elliot Goldner, MD, FRSPC (Psychiatry), MHSc (1953-2016)

With great sadness, a strong Eating Disorder advocate here in BC, Elliot Goldner, MD, FRSPC (Psychiatry), MHSc, passed on November 27, 2016.  Dr Goldner was an expansive thinker, a remarkably innovative and inspiring mentor, and a generous, kind and cherished colleague. He was a tireless advocate for eating disorders. His contributions to the field and to so many of our careers can not be enumerated. We all miss him dearly.

A link to a memorial prepared in Dr, Goldner’s memory follows:  www.sfu.ca/fhs/people/in-memoriam-dr-elliot-goldner.html