Eating Disorder E-Platform: A National Collaborative Project


Eating Disorder E-Platform: A National Collaborative Project
Body Brave and National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED)
Winter 2018/19

To create a cutting-edge national e-learning platform that will train and educate stakeholders in effective strategies related to eating
disorders. Stakeholders include: healthcare providers, individuals who are struggling and their caregivers.

1. Provide an innovative, scalable, technology-led solution to address gaps in the eating disorder field.
2. Create and deliver evidence-based educational materials using self-service e-learning options such as: webinars, slideshows, video content, forums and more.
3. Provide an adaptable multi-purpose tool for professionals working in eating disorders to pool resources, share knowledge and work towards improved recovery outcomes.
4. Leverage existing resources and technologies to create a person-centered platform that breaks down barriers to education and empowers individuals who are struggling and their caregivers.
5. Provide a tool that can be used to collect data and encourage research in eating disorders
6. Provide a tool that connects Canada’s eating disorder community with national and international mental health and medical communities.

- Phased roll-out: Build the platform in pieces overtime (long-term project)
- Collective Impact: With Innoweave (innoweave.ca), build a multi-sectoral, cross-provincial team with a common vision, action plan and shared measurements to maximize population level outcomes

- In line with Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) national priorities as well as global priorities (World Health Organization). E-mental health is the next step in service delivery.
- Increased accessibility especially for those facing stigma and those in rural/remote areas
- Easier data collection and dissemination
- Break down silos and foster collaboration and innovation

- August-October 2018: Engaged over 50 organizations and individuals across Canada, garnering widespread interest from universities, treatment programs, large and small non-profits, clinicians and individuals with lived experience
- November 29 and December 13: Innoweave Workshop 1 (contact to register)
- January-June 2019: Innoweave Workshop 2 and Development Coaching
- July-December 2019: Prototype development, launch funding

Partners to collaborate on: content development, graphic design, research/data collection, championing, testing/feedback, quality assurance, software development, communications and funding

Sonia Seguin (sonia@livingbodybrave.com), Dr. Karen Trollope-Kumar (karen.trollope-kumar@medportal.ca), Mark Ferdinand (mark@nied.ca)