No dieting: Thibeault says Ontario needs to get serious about eating disorders


This is excellent news for Ontario!  Now only if we can get the same kind of movement here in BC....

Full article: www.sudbury.com/local-news/no-dieting-thibeault-says-ontario-needs-to-get-serious-about-eating-disorders-294279

Sudbury MPP Glenn Thibeault says it's time for the Ontario government to wade into the fight against eating disorders.
Tomorrow, Thibeault's private member's bill — Bill 189: An Act to Declare Eating Disorders Awareness Week — goes to second reading and debate.
The act, if passed, will declare the first week of February each year as Eating Disorders Awareness Week in Ontario. 
In a news release, Thibeault said he was motivated to introduce the legislation after a meeting with a constituent in Sudbury, who shared a personal experience of the barriers that exist to effective eating disorder treatment.
One concern raised, the news release stated, is a lack of awareness about eating disorders among both the public and health-care providers. This concern is echoed by advocacy groups, including the National Initiative for Eating Disorders, who Thibeault said asked him to introduce legislation for an awareness week.
Introduced in April 2016, this legislation, if passed, aims to increase awareness of the complexity and prevalence of eating disorders in Ontario, as well as combating the stigma and stereotypes surrounding eating disorders. 
“I am hopeful that by increasing awareness of eating disorders, we can encourage open discussion about how, as a province and as individuals, we can facilitate better support and treatment,” said Thibeault in the news release.
“As a result of a hard-fought campaign, we can see that our society is becoming more open and accepting of mental health issues – I would like to see this extend to creating an open and safe space for discussion about eating disorders.”