Participate in a Research Study: When is it more than picky eating?


BCCHR Investigators Dr. Jennifer Coelho and Dr. Pei-Yoong Lam are currently recruiting health care professionals to complete a survey about their familiarity with challenges relating to “picky eating,” and their experiences working with children and youth who may struggle with feeding or nutrition or have anxiety related to food or eating.

Researchers are looking for participants with:

  1. Proficiency in English
  2. Currently working in British Columbia in the field of health care/mental health
  3. Recent experience providing care to children or adolescents (age 18 or under)

It will take participants approximately 10-20 minutes to complete the questionnaires associated with this study. Survey data is anonymous.

Participants who complete the study will have the option to enter a draw for one of four $25 gift cards.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this study, you may contact Dr. Jennifer Coelho at (604) 875-2345 x4986.

If you would like to participate in this study, please access the following website: https://rc.bcchr.ca/redcap/surveys/?s=3ATDKFR7XM
This website will be available until April 26, 2019.