Portland: DBT for Eating Disorders Advanced Training

WHAT:  This two-day training is intended for treatment providers who are working with multi-diagnostic clients with eating disorders using DBT. The training will provide a brief overview of eating disorders, a comparison of the similarities and differences between DBT for Eating Disorders and standard CBT-based approaches for eating disorders, as well as important DBT adaptations for individuals with eating disorders. In addition, we will provide a summary of the research data to date on the efficacy of DBT for eating disorders.

On completion, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and describe the DBT biosocial theory and how it relates to eating disordered clients
  2. Explain the significance of dialectics and balancing change with acceptance
  3. Understand the importance of and be able to do a behavioral analysis focusing on eating disorder behavior
  4. Understand and be able to effectively conceptualize the different eating disorder diagnoses
  5. Understand the cognitive, physiological, and medical complications of eating disorders
  6. Apply DBT commitment strategies to clients with eating disorders
  7. Structure telephone coaching to effectively support clients with eating disorders
  8. Explain the similarities and differences between using DBT and CBT for eating disorder treatment
  9. Shape treatment goals and priorities for the complex multidiagnostic client with an eating disorder

WHEN: May 19th & 20th, 2017 from 8:30am – 5:00pm. *If you are interested in this training on a date not offered, we can schedule most trainings at our site or yours, to meet your group’s needs.

WHERE:  Portland DBT Institute, 580-5200 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR. 97239

WHO:  Training is for individuals who are already applying DBT Individual Therapy in their practice and/or who directly supervise other clinicians who provide DBT. *This is not an introductory training.

HOW:  For more information including cost, fees, accomodations, and travel, visit the Portland DBT Institute website here:  www.pdbti.org/dbt-eating-disorders