Psychotherapy and Eating Disorders


Special Issue: Psychotherapy and Eating Disorders

2016 Volume 53, Issue 2 (Jun)
June issue of Psychotherapy below. It is Special Issue on Psychotherapy and Eating Disorders, that includes cutting edge research on both individual and group treatments, as well as examining moderators and mediators of change within this population. In addition, there are two very applied clinical practice Special Sections on Relationship Focused Therapy for Bulimia and Binge Eating, as well as Improving Psychotherapy for Anorexia Nervosa by Guest Editor Heather Thompson-Brenner. These Special Section papers are followed by two excellent comments regarding thoughts on the future of this clinical work by George Tasca and Daniel Le Grange.

I have designated the paper by Daniel and colleagues on the moderating effects of attachment style on treatment outcomes of bulimic patients as the free access article from this issue at the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Website:

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