Recovery Care Collective


We are a Canadian non-profit organization that strives to improve access to outpatient eating disorder services across the country.

The Recovery Care Collective recognizes that financial strains can be a barrier to individuals accessing the treatment they require and deserve. Wait times at publicly-funded eating disorder programs can be unbearably long and more timely treatment may be necessary. We are a collective of Canadian eating disorder service providers who donate time and services to the Recovery Care Collective Treatment Grant Program.

Treatment Grant Program
This program offer outpatient eating disorder services to individuals who cannot otherwise access care. Treatment Grant recipients are paired with a Registered Dietitian and therapist to receive support and guidance in healing from their eating disorder.

Recipients will meet with their Registered Dietitian and therapist together to determine a treatment plan and a session schedule. The Recovery Care Collective uses a “treat to outcome” approach to eating disorder care which means that the Collective clinicians will provide care to the recipient under they are ready to graduate from treatment. This decision is made by all individuals involved in treatment, including the grant recipient.

For more information, see  recoverycarecollective.org