Section Meetings for the BC CoP?


Hello Community of Practice!


As many of you know, The Eating Disorders Association of Canada (EDAC) has 'Section Meetings' to educate, share information, and collaborate with like-minded groups.  These groups are for EDAC members across Canada, and I thought: why not have these 'Section Meetings' for the BC CoP?  In a sense, it would work similarly where individuals would join a Section they feel would benefit themselves the most:

-Eating Disorders Social Workers Section in BC

-Eating Disorders Dietitians Section in BC

-Eating Disorders Therapists Section in BC

-Eating Disorders Research Section in BC

-Eating Disorders Prevention Section in BC


 Each Section would have their own admin to chair (or rotate?), facilitate, and ensure the Sections are being scheduled and the group members are being updated.  These teleconference meetings would be monthly, quarterly, or however often you think is fit.

I think this would be a good way to increase the shareability and visibility of efforts and materials we all tirelessly work on.  What does everyone think?  Let me know your thoughts -- if there's enough interest, perhaps we can get something going in the new year!


Best regards,

Amy Pezzente