Thoughts on Prevention in BC


It was lovely to see everyone again for the Community of Practice Networking & Education days!  There was a lot of excellent ideas being shared, connections made, and opportunities to collaborate amongst one another.  

During the Harvest piece of the event, one of the things that stood out to me was the issues each of the programs face.  This includes lengthy waitlists, lack of funding, being overworked, lack of staff, etc.  As this being my sixth year running the CoP event, I have unfortunately heard these same issues year after year. 

So my question is: what action can we take to alleviate some of these issues? 

To me, someone looking from the outside in, it is like eating a very bland cake. Becoming frustrated and wishing the cake tasted better would not solve much. To create change, we would need to look at the ingredients that went into the cake.    

In the same way, I believe putting our focus on prevention will help to lessen the extent with some of these issues.  As some of you already know, I strongly believe in prevention, but unfortunately there is a large gap and little recognition in its merit here in BC. 

My hope for the coming year is to generate discussions, build initiatives, and create some action with a sole focus on prevention.  I believe with all the work that needs to be done, we would want to pool all of our efforts to have a collective impact.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and sharing at the Community of Practice Networking & Education days!  I welcome any thoughts or ideas you may have!

Best regards,

Amy Pezzente