Introduction to RO-DBT and Eating Disorder Treatment

DBT has long been widely used as a standard part of eating disorder treatment, targeting impulsive behavior (Undercontrolled coping). However, the research has come to show that there are many patients who are not helped by DBT, even though they are diligent about learning and practicing DBT skills. RO-DBT is a new form of evidence-based treatment, developed by Dr. Thomas Lynch, meant to help people who struggle with excessive self-control (Overcontrolled coping), who are not helped by traditional DBT. Many clients who struggle with eating disorders struggle with behaviors motivated by overcontrol and therefore need support with flexibility, openness in relationships, and vulnerable emotional expression. This presentation aims to teach the basics of RO-DBT, how to identify overcontrolled vs undercontrolled forms of coping, and introduce you to new RO-DBT skills to apply to eating disorder patients.


  1. Understand the basics of RO-DBT
  2. Compare and contrast DBT and RO-DBT
  3. Identify undercontrolled and overcontrolled coping styles
  4. Understand the relationship between overcontrol/undercontrol and eating disorders
  5. Learn 3 RO-DBT skills that apply to eating disorder patients

For more information, including registration, visit the Academy for Eating Disorders here.

Jan 23 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm