PATSEDP Family and Friends Education Day

St. Paul's Hospital offers an education day three times a year specifically designed for families and friends supporting adult loved ones with eating disorders. Family and friends have an opportunity to engage with a family therapist, occupational therapist, physician (internist or psychiatrist), dietitian, as well as previous clients who received treatment from the Provincial Tertiary and Specialized Eating Disorders Program. This day is also open to professionals who are seeking more information about eating disorders treatment with adults and their families.

Topics to be covered in the day are:
• What is an eating disorder and how do they develop
• How eating disorders are treated with adult clients
• Health (medical/psychiatric) implications
• Nutrition considerations and meal support
• Emotional and psychological connections to eating disorders
• The recovery process
• What family and friends can do to support their loved one’s recovery

To register: Email: sszabo@providencehealth.bc.ca or khuang@providencehealth.bc.ca OR Phone: 604-806-8347, EXT: 4
Website: http://mh.providencehealthcare.org/programs/provincial-adult-tertiary-eating-disorders-program

Conference Room 6 (Providence Level 1), St. Paul’s Hospital
Feb 21 2020 - 9:00am to 4:00pm