Eating Disorders

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09/24/18 Canada

Canadian Malnutrition Week: Food is Medicine. Medicine Heals.

September 24-28, 2018 is the Fourth annual Canadian Malnutrition Week.

We are pleased to host, with the Canadian Nutrition Society, three webinars; and provide new e-banners, a poster and video targeted to health care professionals and decision makers.

As champions improving nutrition care in hospital and at home we hope these materials will support your initiatives to Advance Nutrition Care in Canada.

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09/26/18 Webinar

A Guide for Therapists: Transforming Clients’ Food Misconceptions

WHAT:  Our clients desperately search for identity, self-worth and the comfort of community. What can clinicians do when food becomes the vehicle by which all three elements of that quest are satisfied?  This presentation will explore how food trends have worked their way into the very psyches of our clients and what clinicians can do to help them transform the meaning and role of food in their lives.

WHEN:  Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 from 9:00-10:00am

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09/26/18 St. Paul’s Hospital – Hurlburt Auditorium or via Webinar

PATSEDP's Peer to Peer Forum

A patient centered education event about the process of treatment and recovery from a lived experience perspective. Former patients of the Provincial Adult Tertiary & Specialized Eating Disorders Program will be sharing their stories as well as engaging the audience, composed of adults currently struggling with eating disorders, in discussion.

09/27/18 Online Webinar

The ABCs of Child Feeding: Learn how to prevent and resolve child feeding challenges with the ABCs of child feeding.

WHAT:  The ABCs of Child Feeding:  Learn how to prevent and resolve child feeding challenges with the ABCs of child feeding.

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09/28/18 Online

Online EFFT Trainings: Parent Block Chair-Work

WHAT:  This training is intended for psychotherapists interested in advancing their skills conducting parent block chair-work. Each participant will have the opportunity to share a segment of video using this technique via secure and encrypted screen sharing technology (no transmission of data is required).  Dr. Lafrance will provide individualized and group supervision and feedback.

Please acquire appropriate client consents as necessary.

WHEN:  September 28, 2018

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10/05/18 Webinar

Harness the Healing Power of Your Loved One's Anger

WHAT:  Free Caregiver Webinar: Harness the Healing Power of Your Loved One's Anger

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10/05/18 Webinar

Harnessing the Healing Power of Your Loved One's Anger

WHAT: Harnessing the Healing Power of Your Loved One's AngerThis webinar will provide caregivers with a new framework and specific skills to respond to anger in a connecting way in order to harness its healing power. Strategies will also be shared for those whose loved one's anger is easily accessible or beneath the surface.

WHEN: October 5, 2018 from 9:00-10:00am

WHERE: Online webinar

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10/05/18 Virtual or In Person

10th Annual Eating Recovery Foundation Conference

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10/05/18 Chan Centre for Family Health Education Auditorium, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Development of the Emotional Brain

WHAT:  Development of the Emotional Brain:  Dr. Tottenham's research examines brain development underlying emotional behaviour in humans. Her research has highlighted fundamental changes in brain circuitry across development and the powerful role that early experiences, such as caregiving and stress, have on the construction of these circuits.

Learning objectives:

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10/12/18 Ottawa

The 6th EDAC-ATAC Biennial Conference

The Eating Disorders Association of Canada (EDAC-ATAC) would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite you to save the date for the 6th EDAC-ATAC Biennial Conference to be held in Ottawa on October 12th and 13th, 2018!  Details to come!

WHAT:  The 6th EDAC-ATAC Biennial Conference

WHEN:  Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th, 2018

WHERE:  Ottawa