Eating Disorders

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01/23/19 Webinar

Introduction to RO-DBT and Eating Disorder Treatment


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01/30/19 Webinar

Resolving the adult weight dilemma

A webinar for professionals by Ellyn Satter:  Resolving the adult weight dilemma

The weight dilemma is that at the same time as we are being told by health policy makers - that any degree of overweight is medically dangerous, there is no way to lose weight and keep it off.  This webinar addresses health policy at the same time as it supports weight-neutral intervention.


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01/31/19 Hood 29 (formerly Cottage Bistro): 4468 Main St, Vancouver

Open Mic Night: "What I Wish You Knew"

The Vancouver Coastal Health Eating Disorders Program is organizing an Open Mic Night with the theme, What I Wish You Knew  in promotion of Eating Disorders Awareness Week!  

This is an open, all ages event. We invite people to create poetry, spoken word, letters, music, comedy and more to share with other people in this recovery positive event.

02/01/19 Across Canada!

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019!

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) is February 1-7, 2019 and the CFE is busy promoting this year's theme, "Eating Disorders Can't Afford to Wait!" in hope to bring awareness that million's of people across Canada are currently struggling, with limited resources to provide support. 

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02/01/19 Free Webinar

Strategies for Teaching the HAES Approach to Fat Phobic Physicians

The medical community is a primary source of weight stigmatization. Multiple studies have proven that the marginalization of people of size leads to poor health outcomes and makes patients less inclined to seek needed medical care. The goal of this oral presentation is to equip HAES practitioners with tools to educate fat phobic medical providers in their community on how to approach patients of varying sizes. Many HAES practitioners avoid conversations with the medical community on this topic due to the strong stance that is taken by physicians re: the ‘War on Obesity’.

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02/05/19 Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver

Raising Resilient Teens in the Digital Age: Supporting Healthy Body Image in the Face of Media Manipulation

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02/13/19 In person or webinar

PATSEDP Eating Disorders Education Series

WHAT:  Provincial Adult tertiary & Specialized Eating Disorders Program (PATSEDP) Eating Disorders Education Series: Connecting care providers throughout BC with evidence-based practice, training, and insights to promote holistic care.


02/18/19 Langley Events Centre

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

WHAT:  Emotion-Focused Family Therapy 

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02/18/19 Online

Body Talk Body Image Online Workshop

Body Talk Body Image Online Workshop

Our perception of our body is one of the most personal relationships we have with ourselves and yet it can often feel the most tumultuous and overwhelming. This workshop will work to provide you with some education and practical strategies for how you can heal the internal struggle of your body image.

Open to anyone struggling with their body image.  

For more information, visit

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02/20/19 Langley Events Centre

Advanced Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

WHAT:  Advanced Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

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