Eating Disorders

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05/08/19 Free Webinar

Guilt, Denial, Surprise, Compassion - Helping Families Navigate Their Emotions to Enhance Recovery Support

Family plays a powerful role in the treatment and recovery from eating disorders. While the treatment focus often centers around the emotions of the patient, members of the family also experience strong emotions that can either hinder or enhance the recovery of their loved one.

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05/09/19 Chestnut Conference Centre in Toronto

NEDIC 2019 7th Biennial Body Image & Self-Esteem Conference

National Eating Disorders Information Centre's 2019 7th Biennial Body Image & Self-Esteem Conference will be held on Friday, May 9th & Saturday, May 10th, 2019 at the Chestnut Conference Centre in Toronto.

This 2019 conference is framed around the theme of Radical Unlearning, providing attendees a non-judgmental, compassionate space in which to challenge norms and navigate new ideas. Encompassing equity, innovation and positive body identity, this theme calls for unlearning and unpacking negative and erroneous messaging that people have been subjected to.

For more information, visit nedic.caQuestions? Email at

05/15/19 Free Webinar

Creating Sustainable Change – A Transdiagnostic Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses and require treatment that is comprehensive and evidence-based. Relapses, whether small slips or full blown, may be equally frustrating for both the patient and the team.

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05/23/19 JW Marriott Parq, 39 Smithe St., Vancouver

The BC Substance Use Conference: Coming Together

The BC Substance Use Conference 2019 is the first annual conference hosted by the BC Centre on Substance Use, bringing together key stakeholders from around the province to discuss provincial efforts to treat and care for people with substance use disorders. This three day event will include research, education, and clinical care guidance presentations and workshops across several topics within substance use including opioid, alcohol, and cannabis use disorders.

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05/30/19 UBC Lecture Theatre, Surrey Memorial Hospital

Integrated Care For Eating Disorders & Substance Use

This free One-Day Workshop for MHSU & MCFD Clinical Staff are invited for an innovative workshop focused on an integrated approach to treating both Eating Disorders and Substance Use. This workshop will increase participant’s confidence in creating a new collaborative system of care. This education is targeted to those working in substance use programs and in general mental health, both in adult and youth services.

06/05/19 Free Webinar

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) - Meeting the New Kid on the Block

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is a new diagnosis in the DSM-V. Currently, there is limited literature discussing assessment methods, presentation of these patients, the development of treatment goals and intervention planning. The lack of research and case studies has left clinicians uncertain of the development of effective care plans.

This webinar will focus on the psycho-education of ARFID, including treatment planning, specific interventions and the importance of a team approach when treating these complex cases.

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06/12/19 In person or webinar

PATSEDP Eating Disorders Education Series

WHAT:  Provincial Adult tertiary & Specialized Eating Disorders Program (PATSEDP) Eating Disorders Education Series: Connecting care providers throughout BC with evidence-based practice, training, and insights to promote holistic care.


10/04/19 Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference: Body Peace

Body Brave ( and National Initiative for Eating Disorders ( have teamed up to bring you Body Peace.Body Peace is a first-of-its-kind virtual body image and Eating Disorders conference. This year's theme, Lived Experience Is Evidence Too, will highlight lived experience, not only in survivors but in caregivers and health professionals.

10/05/19 Virtual Conference

Body Peace Virtual Conference

Body Peace is a first-of-its-kind virtual body image and eating disorders conference. This year's theme, Lived Experience Is Evidence Too, will highlight lived experience, not only in survivors but in caregivers and health professionals.

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