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Shelley Fralic: The trouble with Oprah’s new diet ~Weight Watchers investment scores no points

Among modern women of influence, there are few as entrenched in the cultural consciousness, or as successful in turning the tide of public opinion, as Oprah Winfrey.

I know what you’re thinking. Oprah who? You mean the Oprah who used to be the world’s most revered populist preacher but slipped off the radar four years ago when she left her network talk show to make “meaningful television” over on her cable network OWN.

Canada's newest first lady, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, aims to raise awareness around Bulimia

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau has mostly stayed out of the limelight as her husband Justin Trudeau rose up the Liberal ranks and led the party to a historic victory Monday night. 

Science Explains Why Anorexia Is So Tough to Cure

Even a short-lived battle with anorexia can be difficult to overcome, but the longer a person goes untreated, the harder it is to recover.

Anorexia May Be Habit, Not Willpower, Study Finds

Women who suffer from anorexia are often thought of as having an extraordinary degree of self-control, even if that discipline is used self-destructively.

But a new study suggests that the extreme dieting characteristic of anorexia may instead be well-entrenched habit — behavior governed by brain processes that, once set in motion, are inflexible and slow to change.

Anorexia Nervosa And Gut Bacteria Linked

Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine found that people with anorexia nervosa have very different microbial communities residing inside their guts compared to healthy individuals and that this bacterial imbalance is associated with some of the psychological symptoms related to the eating disorder.

BC's Mental Health Act needs update

This coming week, Oct. 1 to 7, is Mental Illness Awareness Week.

What is mental illness?

Authorities won’t save son from eating disorder

Anne fears she’s watching her adult son starve himself to death.

But no matter where Anne, who lives in small town Nova Scotia, turns for support in this province, she encounters the same catch-22 — she’s told that her son, unless collapsed and comatose, must himself ask for help; he cannot be forced to accept treatment. But he won’t ask, Anne says, because unfortunately one of the commonest symptoms of the mental illness behind disordered eating is an affected person’s fervent belief there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Teens with Bulimia Nervosa More Likely to Recover Faster if the Parents are Involved

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a period of excessive eating (binge eating) and then prevention of weight gain by dangerous means such as purging (vomiting) or drinking diuretics.

The study conducted by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) professor Daniel Le Grange, PhD, and Stanford University School of Medicine professor of psychiatry Dr. James Lock, PhD, tends to contradict the current therapy methods that focus largely on the affected teen and excluding parents in the process, such as counseling.

Mental health first aid kit for non-professionals

It's a first aid safety course similar to learning how to give CPR, but Betty Kitchener's program is designed to help someone going through a mental health crisis.

Pro-anorexia blogs may not be as harmful as we think, says study

Many of the reports about "pro-ana" blogs follow a very similar script.

Pro-ana -- or pro-anorexia -- websites are a place for young people, often teenaged girls, to gather online and find "thin-spiration."

They're places promoting the eating disorder anorexia.

And pro-ana blogs, are dangerous.

That's certainly the way the story's always been told. And it's why there have been moves to ban or censor them, and why earlier this yearFrance made it illegal for anyone to incite others to become dangerously thin.