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New PATSED 'Let Us Eat Cake' Podcast

The Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders (PATSED) Program dietitians Ali Eberhardt and Hannah Robinson are excited to announce the launch of their new podcast “Let Us Eat Cake”, coming this summer, 2019!

1 in 5 Canadian women not satisfied with their appearance: survey

TORONTO — When Canadians look in the mirror, only 11 per cent are completely satisfied with what they see, according to a new global survey.

The findings, put out by market research company GfK, are based on interviews that were conducted last summer across 22 countries with more than 27,000 people aged 15 and older.

Among the global highlights:

The case for publicly funded therapy

Mental illness affects one in five Canadians and costs us nearly $50-billion a year. So why aren’t we treating it like any other health-care crisis?

AED Releases Nine Truths About Eating Disorders

AED Releases Nine Truths About Eating Disorders


NDP pushes for eating disorder treatment strategy

Anorexia and bulimia wreak havoc among youth and too little is done in Ottawa to raise public and media awareness. That is why New Democrat MP Laurin Liu will table a motion in the House of Commons calling for a national strategy for eating disorders.

National Eating Disorders Collaboration - new online resource and report (Australia)

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration has launched a new online resource and report, both focusing on using online tools to communicate about eating disorders with young people.

IWK reduces hours for eating disorder service

The region’s largest children’s hospital is reducing hours at its eating disorder clinic in the wake of the province cutting

Anorexia treatment for Calgary teen costing family $40K per month

A former Calgarian says she had to send her teenage daughter to Portugal to get the treatment she needs for a severe eating disorder.

When she got to Portugal, Savannah weighed just 80 to 85 pounds, her mother says. (Sandy Henry)
Sandy Henry's daughter Savannah was diagnosed with anorexia when she was 11.

With no residential treatment program available in Calgary, the family struggled to find appropriate care.

They tried a private clinic in the U.S. and even moved to B.C. to access a residential program there.

Nova Scotia health budget clawback hits eating disorder group, loses nearly a quarter of its funding

A group that provides peer support for Nova Scotians with eating disorders says its services are at risk after a clawback in provincial funding.

Warnings after student 'diet-pills' death

The distraught mother of a student who died after taking "diet pills" bought on the Internet joined police Tuesday in issuing a stark warning about the dangers of online drugs.

Eloise Parry, 21, died in hospital in Shrewsbury on April 12 after taking tablets that police believe contain the highly toxic substance dinitrophenol or DNP.

Eloise's mother, Fiona Parry, said her daughter, a student at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, had taken eight of the tablets, unaware that just two could be lethal.


What is the BC Centres for Excellence in Eating Disorders?

The BC Centres for Excellence in Eating Disorders (BC CFE) aims to build knowledge and capacity amongst hospital, clinicians, community providers, patients and families in BC to support the provision of high quality eating disorders prevention, early intervention, treatment and follow-up services. The BC CFE links to the BC Eating Disorders Community of Practice (CoP).

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