New online support for parents or caregivers of adolescents with eating disorders

A new educational website targets parents or caregivers of children between 9-18 years of age who are suffering from an eating disorder.

Rate My Hospital Pro-anorexia, bulimia communities thriving online

Photos of emaciated women proudly displaying their protruding hips and ribs, as well as thinspirational quotes "fat-shaming" those who dare to eat, continue to thrive on social media, despite the best attempts by sites like Instagram to temper the reach of the pro-eating disorder community. 

MLA Thornthwaite on Eating Disorders Awareness Week

MLA Thornthwaite presents a statement in the Legislature on Eating Disorders Awareness Week and the many services available to those who are suffering.

Global Morning News Live: Amy Pezzente and Susanne Carlson speak on Eating Disorders and the Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness campaign

Watch video of Amy Pezzente and Susanne Carlson speak about the upcoming events and activities taking place for Eating Disorders Awareness week!

Link to video:

Prince George woman crowdfunding for anorexia treatment. Dr. Julia Raudzus's response

Mother-of-two Jennifer Doucette of Prince George, B.C., is crowdfunding to get herself treated for anorexia at a private clinic in Manitoba.

The 21-year-old made an emotional plea on YouTube to draw attention to what she calls a lack of resources for people with eating disorders.

Ending the war with our bodies

North Shore residents CaraLynne McLean and Helen Yeung will be part of an upcoming free panel discussion timed with National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb. 1-7.

A hidden problem: Shedding light on male eating disorders

Eating disorders are commonly associated with women, but research is shedding light on men's struggles with disorders including binge eating, bulimia and anorexia.


Is it time to put eating disorders on the agenda?

Weighing a childlike 80 pounds as a law student, Angela Rinaldis wrote her final exams in a fog. The dotted line of bruises down her spine from carrying a backpack of books with no flesh to protect her bones finally made her sick of being sick. Then, a decade ago at age 24, she asked to be treated for anorexia at St. Paul’s Hospital — and now marvels at her survival.

Anorexia survivor launches Victoria peer-support group

Sally Chaster began her struggle with anorexia nearly five decades ago, when she was only six, and was hospitalized for three months.

Vancouver panel talks eating disorders

You don’t have to live hating your body.