Collaborative Care in Eating Disorders and Non-Negotiables: Why do we need them and how do they work?

Imagine these scenarios…

You’ve been seeing a patient with severe anorexia nervosa for a number of weeks in therapy. Together, you have begun addressing and thinking about the core features that have contributed to the eating disorders onset and maintenance. But recently the patient’s weight has begun to drop, and she has not been seen by her GP. She says that she has fainted several times in the last week. You raise the issue of her going into hospital, but she says “that’s the last thing I want to do…”


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Treating Severe Anorexia Nervosa in the Community

Can treatment for severe anorexia nervosa be delivered safely in a community setting?

Eating disorder one-on-one support thanks to new funding

Up to 12 people across Nova Scotia will be trained between early January and March

Young Nova Scotians seeking treatment for eating disorders may soon have access to one-on-one peer support thanks to new funding. 

Eating disorders are a scourge in need of a strategy

Those are just two of the shocking findings of the parliamentary standing committee on the status of women.

Where Is the Help for Canadians With Eating Disorders?

This past summer I had at least bi-weekly calls from desperate and frantic parents who were worried their child had an eating disorder and no one was listening, or a child had been diagnosed with one, and were now being told to wait -- wait when their child was consuming less than 400 calories a day, wait when their child was below 70 pounds, and

Parliamentary committee report on eating disorders disappoints advocates

OTTAWA – A Parliamentary report on eating disorders in Canada is being criticized by some of the witnesses who testified before the committee.

The Importance of Multidisciplinary Eating Disorders Treatment

Each eating disorder is unique, and the appropriate treatment approach varies depending on the severity of the illness, as well as one's medical and psychiatric status.

Eating disorders targeted by UBCO students

Eating disorders stem from serious conditions that can have profound psychological and medical complications on a person, including death.

UNC professor works to identify orthorexia, a healthy eating disease

Turns out that too much of a good thing even applies to healthy habits.

A year after Vancouver declares mental health crisis, cases continue to climb

Theresa Pratt sits at her dining table and lights a cigarette, the flicker of the flame briefly illuminating her otherwise dim apartment. Placing the lighter on the table – among the clutter of coffee mugs, utensils and papers – she turns her attention to a visitor, a former adversary turned friendly acquaintance.