Are food pics a sign of a disorder?

Oh, look, Jenny ate steak last night and Tim had the chicken parm. Looks yummy, writes Carin Lane on the Times Union's Healthy Life blog.

"Foodstagramming" on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been going on almost as long as cellphones have had cameras.

While food-related posts and pictures can be annoying, sometimes interesting and definitely a way to see what's on the menu at local restaurants, they also can signal a problem, according to a study presented earlier this week at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Vancouver.

More specifically, this practice may be a sign the poster has an eating disorder or other unhealthy association with food.

This claim spurred a food fight on social media.

Really??? An eating disorder??? I think I just like to annoy people!!!
—Patricia Pendergast Novo

What a bunch of bs. People like taking pictures of their food because they want to remember how good it looked or just to share with other people.
-—Erin Campbell

No doubt here. A beautifully presented plate is a piece of art, though.
—Wanda Lubinski

I was thinking more like narcissistic personality disorder. If you think that people really care about what you're eating, you have to be pretty into yourself.
—Nicole Van Hoose

I sell food for a living, I'm always taking pics of my food! Dumb.
—Amy Spairana

Wow — and people who take pictures of their hobbies have a different disorder, no doubt. What a total load of crap.
—Paul Grupp

Pictures of food are my biggest Facebook pet peeve. Seeing pictures of what people are eating all the time makes me wonder about whether or not they have an eating disorder.
—Lisa Lynne

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