The BC Children’s Mental Health Literacy Team 2017/18 Online Annual Report

The BC Children’s Mental Health Literacy Team is excited to share our 2017/18 Online Annual Report!  Here you will find all the great work and accomplishments of this 2017/2018 year, including in eating disorders. Enjoy every picture, story, and statistic that celebrates youth, family, and community.  The annual report allows us to highlight accomplishments and share the impact of our work with partners, funders, key stakeholders and leadership.

The Mental Health Literacy team works in partnership with clinicians and staff based out of BC Children’s Hospital, along with other key partners such as the FamilySmart team. We are passionate about supporting mental health and decreasing the stigma associated with eating disorders, mental health, and substance use by sharing and developing information and resources for children, youth, caregivers/families, school professionals and health professionals.

We hope this report offers insights into our activities and helps to highlight new mental health and substance use resources.

**See the report, including the accomplishments in Eating Disorders, here: