Celebrating 25 years of Excellence: Discovery Program and Vista House

It is our great pleasure and honor to announce the Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders (PATSED) Program’s Discovery Intensive Day Hospital Program (located at St. Paul’s Hospital) and Vancouver Coastal Health’s Vista Residence (located in Vancouver) will be celebrating their 25th year Anniversary. This wonderful partnership has made a significant impact in the recovery journey for many individuals and their families throughout British Columbia.

This Discovery/Vista Program was created in 1994 as an alternative option to lengthy inpatient hospital admissions. Patients expressed their desire to focus on recovery and, at the same time, wanted to engage with, connect to and include their families, friends and community throughout their treatment. This ‘day hospital and live-in residence’ concept was seen as a radical idea at the time, and there were doubts that such a service would be able to help patients make the changes they needed to recover, but we were given the go ahead to move forward. And here we are, 25 years later!

We have used 25 years of empirical evidence to guide how we provide care and to show that this is a highly effective model and we are considered to be leaders in the field of eating disorders locally, nationally and internationally. The Intensive Day Hospital and Residence model remains relatively unique in that intensive group and individual psychotherapy are provided at the hospital during the day, while patients reside in a home-like environment in the community where they are supported to practice what they are learning on the evening and weekends.
The Discovery/Vista Program has been shown to help people reduce eating disorder symptoms, reduce their psychiatric/psychological distress, and increase their quality of life. Patients provide feedback about their experience of care and the outcomes are consistently positive. This feedback has been invaluable in informing changes to make that will be most meaningful to patients and families. The Discovery/Vista Program is grateful to all the healthcare agencies and to the hundreds of patients who have taught us so much about the recovery journey. We look forward to many more wonderful years serving individuals impacted by eating disorders.

On behalf of the Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders (PATSED) Program, please join us in celebrating the amazing success of the Discovery Intensive Day Hospital Program and Vista Residence, and in acknowledging and congratulating the fabulous people who work in both these programs.

From Patty Yoon, Patient Care Manager – Mental Health/Urban Health; Dr. Julia Raudzus, Medical Director, Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorders Program; and Blaine Bray, Director of Operations, Mental Health/Urban Health

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