National Eating Disorders Collaboration - new online resource and report (Australia)

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration has launched a new online resource and report, both focusing on using online tools to communicate about eating disorders with young people.

In 2014 NEDC partnered with ReachOut Australia to run workshops with young people to better understand their online information and help seeking needs, particularly in relation to eating disorders, and how to increase engagement with online resources. Findings from the workshops indicated that young people possess low literacy around eating disorders and disordered eating and were unable to recognise the need for relevant support for those in the early stages of an eating disorder.

The resultant report Eating Disorders & Online Resources for Young People:  User Experience Guidelines for Prevention and Early Intervention of Eating Disorders highlights the core findings from these youth consultation workshops including a participant generated set of user experience guidelines and goals to help stakeholders understand what young people want in an online resource. A copy of this report can be downloaded from:

This report has been used to inform the development of our new online resource for young people Developed in collaboration with digital agency Bliss Media with reference to the youth generated user experience guidelines and goals, this resource has been designed to be relevant and engaging to young people who are either at risk of or experiencing an eating disorder or who want to access online resources to help a friend or family member. This new resource can be explored at: