Video: UB professor reveals how yoga prevents eating disorders

UB professor Catherine Cook-Cottone Ph.D. battled eating disorders throughout her life. As she navigating her way to recovery, she simultaneously found a tool to help young girls avoid a similar path that she traveled. During her tenure at UB, a student introduced Cook-Cottone to Yoga.

“After I took my first yoga class I felt like I just had two glasses of wine and I had none,” Cook-Cottone explained.

She began to explore the relationship between eating disorders and yoga.

“We found that yoga helped decrease body dissatisfaction during a time in a young girl’s life, around fifths sixth grade, that body dissatisfaction usually increases,” Cook-Cottone explained.

According to Cook-Cottone, Yoga helps young girls value their bodies.

She said, “When you appreciate your body you want to be bigger in life. You want to be more powerful in your life and you love your body and you would not hurt it.”

Cook-Cottone admits that Yoga has had a strong impact on her own life.

“I am happier. I am more effective in my life. I am healthier for sure,” She said.

The UB professor has come a long way in her own personal battle with eating disorders. Throughout her journey she’s proven that great adversity can be the starting point for an even greater discovery.

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