Health sciences students spread messages about positive body image

If you have recently walked around the Djavad Mowafaghian Atrium at SFU’s Burnaby campus, you might have chanced upon beautiful chalk drawings created by students taking Health Sciences 345: Tweens to Twenties – Texts, Two-fours and Tattoos. The drawings send positive messages on body image and are part of a class initiative t

Are Dietary Supplements Sign Of An Eating Disorder?

So many Americans take dietary supplements that the American Psychological Association is considering classifying the craze as an emerging eating disorder,

Video: UB professor reveals how yoga prevents eating disorders

UB professor Catherine Cook-Cottone Ph.D. battled eating disorders throughout her life. As she navigating her way to recovery, she simultaneously found a tool to help young girls avoid a similar path that she traveled. During her tenure at UB, a student introduced Cook-Cottone to Yoga.

“After I took my first yoga class I felt like I just had two glasses of wine and I had none,” Cook-Cottone explained.

She began to explore the relationship between eating disorders and yoga.

Thinking Outside the Box in Anorexia Nervosa Research

By Laura Mackew, Research Assistant, Clinical Research

Why the Anna Westin Act of 2015 matters


Collarbone challenge latest in ‘troubling’ social media trend

Eating disorder experts are worried about the message being sent by a disturbing new trend on social media. There are roughly 60,000 posts and counting on Instagram dedicated to the bikini bridge, thigh gap, bellybutton challenge and now the collarbone challenge.

Missouri law will change coverage options for eating disorders

Missouri is set to be the first state in the nation to spell out the type of eating disorder treatments that insurance companies must cover, a move advocates say will ensure families have access to care for not just the physical aspect but also the underlying mental issues.

Health warning about 'belly button challenge'

Will Advertising Standards Canada “Weigh In” on How Thin is Too Thin?

A June 2015 decision by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom – the equivalent of Advertising Standards Canada – recently upheld a reader’s complaint that an Yves St. Laurent advertisement featuring an “unhealthily thin” model was irresponsible.

HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids

HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids

HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids