College Removes Weight Scale From Campus Gym After Students Call it ‘Triggering’

Carleton University is feeling the burn from students on social media for removing a weight scale from its gym to promote a more holistic approach to a healthy body image.

The Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship Program

It's that time of year again!  Each year, the Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship Program awards a total of $15,000 to six young people who have received or are currently receiving treatment for an eating disorder, and who are ready for academic pursuit.

Shining a light on binge eating: Newfoundland study focuses on 'very common' disorder

A team from Memorial University is looking for people to participate in a self-help binge eating disorder (BED) treatment study — a condition which they believe affects significantly more people in Newfoundland and Labrador than either anorexia or bulimia.

Overeating? As with drug use, genetics may drive our choices

Asking whether or not we ‘really’ have free choice is a metaphysical question, perhaps left to those in the movie The Matrix. But throughout our lives, 

Why You Should Forgive Your Parents… and How To Do It!

On the surface, forgiving your parents (or anyone for that matter) may seem insignificant but forgiving your mother or father is actually the best thing you can do for the quality of your life. Even low-grade parental blame and resentment perpetuate a cycle of emotional pain and suffering that can negatively affect your adult relationships, finances, and overall wellbeing, ultimately preventing the love, abundance and happiness you desire and deserve.

The untranslatable emotions you never knew you had

Have you ever felt a little mbuki-mvuki – the irresistible urge to “shuck off your clothes as you dance”? Perhaps a little kilig – the jittery fluttering feeling as you talk to someone you fancy? How about uitwaaien – which encapsulates the revitalising effects of taking a walk in the wind?

These words – taken from Bantu, Tagalog, and Dutch – have no direct English equivalent, but they represent very precise emotional experiences that are neglected in our language. And if Tim Lomas at the University of East London has his way, they might soon become much more familiar.

Eating Disorder Prevention Programs Reduce Cardiac Risk

A dissonance-based prevention program can reduce the symptoms of eating disorders as well as reduce cardiac risk in women with eatin

The Physical Health and Mental Health Connection

It’s been said that the ancient Greeks believed that central to having a sound mind was having a sound body. They were correct. We are one integrated organism, not a random collection of parts. What affects the body affects the mind.

A Professional Approach to Treating Self-Harming Behavior: Healing with Self-Care and Compassion

The phrase “self-harming behavior” may call up images of troubled teenagers with cuts on their arms. But self-injury can occur for people of any age, in children, adolescents and adults, whether male or female.  This is not at all a teenage fad!

Treatment for eating disorders goes mobile

*Information on Stanford Universities Clinical Trial:

*List of Eating Disorder Apps:

Every day for the past six months, a 29-year-old actress in New York has been logging every meal via an app to monitor what she eats and more importantly how she feels afterward.

ARFID: The Scientific Reason You’re a Picky Eater

We all know a picky eater or two. Maybe you have that one friend who refuses to step foot in a sushi restaurant even though she’s never tried it.